Sunday, June 11, 2006

The Jon Lester era (part 1)

Well the Jon Lester era has started - and looked something like the start of the Jon Papelbon era (which started before Jon let it be known that he preferred Jonathan).

I can't imagine that any young pitcher really wants to sit through a 5 hour or so rain delay before they make their major league debut, but even so his line didn't look too bad:







v. Rangers







Something strange went on with the TV coverage of this game, so I at least got to see the first two innings of his first start - before DirectTV imposed the blackout. So I am now in the situation where a game that started almost three hours after the end of the national game is blacked out, presumably because it should have started at the same time as the national game... crazy.

I did get to see enough that offered hope for the future - in the second inning, Lester struck out Mark Teixeira to end the inning with the bases loaded - some of the trouble was his own making, some of it resulted from an error by Mark Loretta.

The game is (apparently) all tied up with the Sox hitting in the bottom of the 6th - let's hope that they can take advantage of the A's good form in NY to take a 1.5 game lead in the East by the end of day.

0 threw a strike:

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