Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Greg Gibson, you are on ze list

The list of idiots that is.

I am a Yankee fan, I also have Wang going in my keeper league playoffs today and instead of being out of the 6th with 1 ER and possibly going another one, two or three innings, your decision to be an idiot who needs an eye examination has cost not only the Yankees, but also the Fratton Yankees.

For those who haven't seen the play, David DeJesus coming to the plate, slides around JoPo but in doing so misses the plate, JoPo walks over and tags him out and Gibson calls the runner safe, claiming he got the bag. Best part though was the KC announcers, 'and he juuuuuuuuuuust got the front edge of the plate,' whilst we are watching a replay that shows him missing it by the proverbial country mile, you couldn't script the home bias up.

As the Queen would say, 'One is not amused'.

Greg Gibson - Twat.

Oh and can I add that I also have Garland going so Jenks you too are an idiot for costing me a W, thanks.

In addition (wow my third edit of the post) Lanny Vanover ringing up Bobby Abreu on the checked swing in the seventh, that's just pathetic, even the homer anouncers had to choke down their laughter on that one. I sound far too moany for a team so far up but really, it just isn't on. All you need for being an ump is a working brain, working eyes and knowledge of the rules, something isn't adding up with this crew...

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