Monday, April 04, 2005

8th Inning

BOS: R: 0 H: 0 E: 1
NYY: R: 3 H: 2: E: 0

As the rain starts to fall, A-Rod sparkles with the first play of the 8th throwing out Renteria on a well hit ball to 3rd. Manny lifts a lazy deep fly to Bernie before Tanyon overpowers David Ortiz. Six up and six down for Tanyon Sturtze, a really nice outing from your favourite Worcester native.

Matt Mantei makes his Red Sox debut up against Sheffield, Sierra and Matsui and gives up a lead-off walk to Sheffield in a pitch Jon Miller thought was close, Sierra disappoints with a lazy fly to Yankees 2006 CF Johnny Damon. Matsui steps in with his nice new gloves and smashes the first long ball of the season to drive Sheffield and himself home. It was a line drive shot to Center-field, wow. Posada is out somehow (I was busy arguing about Matsui winning the MVP with Neil). Tino gets a great standing O and walks, he'll walk around to 2nd after Bernie earns a walk. Terry Francona walks in and tells Matt Mantei it is time for a shower and calls in John Halama. Womack gets on with a single but needs to thank Bubba Crosby for hussling down to 2nd to beat the force. Jeter is up with the bags loaded, he hasn't gone deep with them loaded in his career and he doesn't start now but reaches on a terrible error by the pitcher Halama, Tino scores from 3rd. A-Rod grounds out on a bang bang play and we'll end it at 9-1 in the 8th.

As for your questions, as you know i think Matsui can win the MVP in the AL so in the East you have to like him. As for pitching I will go with Mike Mussina just to be different and the surprise player will come out of Camden in the form of Jay Gibbons.

Same questions back at you for the 9th Mr Hay.

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