Monday, April 04, 2005

9th inning

BOS: R: 1 H: 1 E: 0
NYY: -

Final Score: BOS 2, NYY 9

Sox make some noise in the 9th - a Millar walk, a long single by V'tek, a sac-fly by Nixon to bring home Millar, and then Mueller fly's out and Bellhorn strikes out to end the opener.

My divisional MVP - Ortiz - I think he will build on the last two years, while for Cy Young, I go obvious with RJ. Surprise player - I will go with you in Camden - I think Sosa will bounce back in a big way this year.

Well the opener is over and done with, and if truth be told, can't say that I am overly surprised at the outcome - the Yankees win an easy one behind RJ. I guess the only mildly concerning thing for the Sox were some seemingly sloppy plays - Damon, Renteria and Halama on the D, and Manny at the plate, but it is hard to get to upset about any loss on day 1, even if it is to the Yankees.

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