Saturday, August 20, 2005

A lil bit of this...

Neil H is far better at updating this thing than I at the moment and he has a full-time stressful job and I well, erm, don't.

First up Mussina was great last night in what was a very good win for the Yanks. Grinding out a couple of runs against a tough opposition starter, and then getting a great outing from the Moose all equals a very encouraging night. I had to watch on WGN and as Neil put it 'I'm happy to have Kay instead of those guys' and that's saying something, talk about crap play-by-play and horrific bias.

Next I'll talk about Schilling. Neil changes his mind on Schilling as often as I get texted by my stalker. I'll be more certain though on my thoughts, Schilling is a fine pitcher, however he'll only ever be an average 5+ ERA closer. If he can't establish the fastball he'll get spanked, if he can it'll be 1, 2, 3 and a W for the Sox.

If Roger Clemens is the guy whose failed a drugs test then he quite possibly is the stupidest athlete around. Why not retire without having to ever take a test and protect the legacy instead of risking it if he was on something? I love the Rocket and firmly believe in his innocence, if I'm proved wrong, I'll be extremely hurt by the man who is reponsible for bringing me into this fine game.

I'll end for now as my dinner is being served up with thoughts about the run-in. The Yankees most important hitter is, wait for this, Bernie Williams. If Bernie can keep his stroke and go on yet another hot streak towards the end of the season as he has the past two, then maybe, just maybe we'll be playing come October.

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