Tuesday, November 15, 2005

A belated article about MVP-Rod

Well my pretties A-Rod won the AL MVP yesterday by getting 16 1st placed votes compared to the Cookie Monster's 11. Some idiot gave Vlad a vote, this guy should lose his voting privileges but he isn't the biggest idiot out there. Can you believe someone in the NL Cy Young ballot voted for Chad Cordero? Honestly is there anyone who gets a vote who is a bigger idiot than this guy?

As the Yankees half of the team then I suspect you'd expect me to think they've got this one right, well no I don't. However this pick was less wrong than either Cy Young award, Colon and Carpenter should've been 3rd in their respective leagues but they won.

I like A-Rod, he is a fine player but the expectation levels are ridiculously high because of that insane contract that he inked after the 2000 season. He had a great season of that there is little doubt but the award is named the 'Most Valuable player' award and I firmly believe that Big Papi was more valuable to the Sox than A-Rod was to the Yanks. If A-Rod goes down injured last year then the Yankees lose a great player but still have great players, if the Sox lost Ortiz then they would lose their leader and the talent surrounding A-Rod was greater than that the Sox had around Ortiz.

Personally speaking A-Rod wasn't even the most valuable Yankee. Take Rivera out of the closers role and exposing a chronic lack of depth in the pen and the Yankees lose far more games without Mo than they do without the great third baseman. I do believe that A-Rod's gold glove calibre defense should carry some weight but not as much as many Yankee fans would make us believe. Jose Canseco won an MVP and he was a butcher in the field. In the AL the DH is a valid position so I'd of had no problem if he'd of won it all.

So A-Rod won, Mo got screwed out of the Cy Young award and Cano had a season worthy of winning the RoY but I won't argue it. Hopefully we'll have some news on Godzilla later today...

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At 8:55 pm, Blogger Yankees Chick said...

regarding cano: i definitely think he was worthy of the RoY, but I can understand why Street won. Young, capable pitchers seem to be a more rare commodity these days...

At 10:17 pm, Blogger Neil M said...

Agreed, Cano put together a very good case but it is one of those where either/or would've been a fair call. Same with A-Rod and Ortiz, I think Ortiz was better but A-Rod wasn't a horrible call.

However both Cy Young's went to undeserving players in my book.


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