Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Mown Down

So despite not being the best starter in the AL (Santana) nor the best reliever (Rivera) today it was announced that Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim Starting Pitcher Bartolo Colon has won the American League Cy Young Award with his 21-8 3.48 record.

I am totally not enamored by this decision. Yes I wanted Mo to win as I thought he had a mighty fine season, but I wouldn't of been totally mad if either Santana or even the fine season of Kevin Millwood was rewarded with the award. I just didn't see anything special from Colon and think the fact that he won over twenty games provided far too much weight for the Pro-Colon camp compared to what it should've done.

Colon got 17 1st placed votes and the other 11 voters all had him in 2nd where as Mo got eight top votes and seven each for 2nd and 3rd. Johan Santana got the other three remaining 1st placed votes. 2005 wasn't a great year for pitching in the AL, but Mariano was dominant in what he did, Santana was supreme and Millwood was a revelation.

You've got it wrong sportswriters, you really have.

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