Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Oh Josh Beckett...(and Bill Simmons)

I have already said my piece on Beckett, good deal done by the Sox, give them props but after reading Bill Simmons article on ESPN.com my blood is starting to boil.

Two major points really got to me, firstly saying that Mike Lowell may suck but it was 'the lemon we (the Red Sox) had to take to get Josh Beckett'. Basically if he sucked it wasn't a problem. Having a $9m bench player for two years isn't a problem and yet for as long as I've been a fan of the game, Red Sox fans have been having a go at the New York Yankees for taking on bad contracts and having ridiculously well paid players sitting on the bench. Bill says 'Worst-case scenario, he replaces Kevin Millar as the team's "right-handed slugger who used to hit for power right up to the year they started testing for steroids, I'm sure it's just a crazy coincidence" guy.' Having $18m locked up in a bad player is the type of thing the Yankees have done for years, is the mantle shifting? Whilst I still contend this is a good deal for the Sox, stating that the Lowell part of the trade is exciting is really taking the piss.

Also his bitterness regarding the Rocket, you've got to love fans who like to diss their old players. Was it or was it not the Red Sox who decided that Clemens wasn't a player they wanted to keep? Did they or did they not leave him on the scrapheap? Did he or not he not become the sure fire first ballot Hall of Famer he now is away from Boston? Whilst he was a fine pitcher during his days with the Boston club, he became great during his time in Toronto, New York and Houston. As everyone knows the Rocket is my boy so anyone dissing him gets at the very worst disapproving looks from me.

Finally on this subject he spoke about how glad he was that Jon Lester wasn't included in the deal but went on to say how prospects are just that and aren't that important, how can you argue in the same article both ways? It makes no sense!

I was more annoyed about this article several hours ago when I first read it and now I don't really care yet still have blogged. I suppose I needed to do something with my time, only 29 minutes to go until Around The Horn and PTI, I wonder what they'll make of this deal...

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