Friday, November 18, 2005

Is Ichiro available?

Talk has been rumbling on for a while that Ichiro is getting a bit fed up with the Mariners and might be keen to move on. Speaking to the Kyodo News last week, the RF reportedly said that he was not happy with the way the players prepare themselves and was missing playing in the postseason. Also the only thing keeping him going was the pursuit of personal goals rather than team ones as the team seemingly weren't that interested in playing hard.

Ichiro moving on was mooted about a couple of times last season and whilst it is unlikely the M's would be keen on moving him, the reality might be hitting home that his unhappiness might lead to him demanding a trade.

Would he be a good fit in Pinstripes? That is a no brainer. He could patrol CF or play Right with Gary Sheffield becoming the Yankees answer to David Ortiz as a F/T DH. Do the Yankees have the chips to bring Ichiro in? Yes they do but the bigger question is whether or not the Yanks are willing to pay the steep price that Ichiro will surely demand. The M's are high on both Wang and Pavano and these two could easily form the basis of a trade.

Still despite all this the Yankees are not getting Ichiro unless the player himself comes out in public and states that he wants a trade. It was thought that this was highly unlikely but as time passes the hot stove continues to bubble and an old English expression is that 'there is no smoke without fire' and considering this, you never know but the Japanese star may join up with his fellow countryman in the Yankees OF.

Adding Ichiro to the Yankees would be an amazing coup but every team in baseball would go after Ichiro if he were available. Still it gives us something to write about...

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At 2:16 pm, Anonymous Neil H said...

I can't remember my password to log in from here, but I can't let that post pass without comment for a full day.

The M's are high on Pavano and Wang...

My schedule this week has been crazy, but I will need to do some heavy posting this weekend to reverse the trend of this becoming!

Planned articles include the impending trade of Mark Bellhorn for Albert Pujols, Alan Embree for Derek Lee and of course, Manny Ramirez for a bag of balls... well bad example there but...

At 6:12 pm, Blogger Neil M said...

Oh I know the price for Ichiro would be a lot more than these two but they are high on them both. We won't be getting Ichiro but it wouldn't surprise me if he leaves Seattle and if he does, expect 29 teams to enquire about him!


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