Thursday, November 17, 2005

Ryan speaks with Tigers, Jays and Mets

The New York Yankees are well known to be on the tail of FA LHP BJ Ryan, but the hard throwing left-hander has already spoken with the Blue Jays and the Tigers about becoming their closer. Last night he flew into New York for talks with the Mets a baseball source said on condition of anonymity, they are thought be be after either Billy Wagner or Ryan, with the former seemingly moving closer to staying with the Phillies, and have therefore switched their primary attention to Ryan

No talks are thought to be scheduled yet between the Bombers and Ryan, but their is little doubt that they will talk. Ryan has already stated that he is more concerned about being with a winning organization than being a closer, meaning that he wouldn't have a problem being the Yankees setup man for Mariano Rivera.

Flash Gordon is exploring the market as he considers whether he wants to leave the Bronx to become a closer, but the door is certainly not shut on him returning to the Yankees. Scott Eyre is another option the Yankees have as they look to bolster their bullpen for next season.

Whilst BJ Ryan is clearly their #1 target, their are other options out there and the Yankees will not be bent over a barrel to sign this guy.

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At 12:19 am, Blogger Yankees Chick said...

i think they *should* be bent over a barrel to sign him. ryan + mariano would be an incredible team.

At 11:05 am, Blogger Neil M said...

I like BJ Ryan a lot but $11m/yr for a setup guy? That is seriously steep money.


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