Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Japanese mythical monster news

Or is Godzilla real? Answers on a postcard or via e-mail if you please.

As for the Yankee version Mr Matsui, he will remain the patrolling Left Fielder for the Bronx Bombers for another four years on a contract worth between $51m and $52m according to various baseball sources citing familiarity with the situation.

After three straight years of 100+ RBIs it was unlikely the Yankees would baulk at his asking price and that the deal wouldn't get done. Cash made it clear that Matsui was his number one priority going into the off season and despite being overpaid by a couple of million a year and possibly getting a year too many, this signing was one the Yankees had to make.

Matsui brings more to the franchise than his playing ability, he brings with him a huge following in his native Japan. He is a national hero and by keeping his services, the Bronx Bombers will keep up the massive international interest that has followed him since he strode into New York in time for the 2003 season.

I do not have a problem with this deal, I like Matsui and believe that he'll be a productive player for the length of his contract. He'll be 35 by the time the contract is up, and whilst his skills will probably be diminishing, they won't be at Bernie like levels that we've witnessed over the past two years. Whilst any Yankee fan will (and rightly so) love Bernie, the end of his days in CF were not the greatest and it was sad to see such a great player and borderline Hall of Famer fade in the public eye so drastically.

So Matsui is done and dusted, now it is time to go and find a CF and seal up the BJ Ryan deal. Cash is one for one so far, I like 100% records...

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At 5:39 am, Blogger Yankees Chick said...

i'm getting a bit antsy about the BJ Ryan there any new news on that?

At 10:11 am, Blogger Neil M said...

No news apart from we've made contact with his advisors to tell them we are interested, like we have with Giles and Farnsworth as well. Now Cash has Matsui sorted I suspect his next priority will be BJ Ryan before deciding how we are going to fill that huge CF void.

At 5:30 pm, Blogger Yankees Chick said...

who would you choose as our future outfielder? personally I am a giles fan...i've been watching him on the padres for a while and i'm impressed.

At 9:35 pm, Blogger Neil M said...

I love Giles bat but not sure about his glove. The FA crop is poor so to find a good CF you are looking to get someone through a trade. What wouldn't shock me is a deal for Aubrey Huff of the D'Rays and he'd play LF with Matsui in Centre or go with Matsui in Left, Bubba in CF, Huff in Right and make Gary the full time DH. If we are going down the FA route then Giles is the best option no doubt, high OBP and like Giambi will take walks all day.


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