Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Yanks exploring Rowand options

The New York Yankees are exploring a possible three-way deal to bring in Chicago White Sox CF Aaron Rowand to the Bronx. The above average CF has been put on the trading block by the current World Champs because of their top prospects in AAA ball are ready to step up, but this doesn't mean Rowand wouldn't be a terrific signing for the Yanks.

The Yanks and Sox do not match up well hence why the Bombers are looking to bring in a third team to get the deal done. Talk is rife that Gary Sheffield might be the player set to leave the Yanks to get this deal done but that is only rumour at the moment. Out of the every day Yankees, only he and Jorge Posada do not have full No Trade Clauses but with the likes of Chacon, Pavano, Small and Wright all thought to be available, the Yankees could be moving starting pitching to get the chips needed to seal the deal with the White Sox.

I am a Rowand fan and would be delighted to see him patrolling the CF in the big ballpark in the Bronx. He may not be the greatest hitter in the world but he is a career .283 hitter in the bigs, has good gap power and the occasional big blast in him. He plays GG calibre defense and can steal a bag or two. If he could up his walk rate (62 in the past two years) then he could be a very able and valuable member of the 2006 team.

So will this deal get done and who will it cost? I like Rowand but do I like him enough to give up Sheff? Possibly not. I love my boy Jorge but if his departure brought in Rowand then I could take it, but preferably it'll be one of the four pitchers I mentioned and then I would be one very happy Yankee fan

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