Sunday, January 22, 2006

The as yet unnamed Sunday night column

Well I've yet to decide what to call this new weekly column but Neil H has suggested 'The Sunday 9' where I talk about nine points, I quite like that but I'll open it up to the masses to see if anyone has anything else. This column will be named by next week!

First up this week we have the AFC Championship Game going on as I type. It is 27-10 in the 4Q and the Broncos have had a good kick-off return, here is the copy & paste from me and Neil H's IM...

Neil H: this isn’t over
(Interception by the Steelers)
Neil M: is now
Neil H: ok maybe
Neil H: lol

So Broncos fans blame him!

In about half hour or so the NFC game gets underway and we have a difference of opinion. The Hay has the Seahawks whilst I'm going for an all W/C Superbowl with Delhomme leading the Panthers back to the big dance.

As everyone knows I love Around the Horn and PTI on ESPN but sometimes the panelists are completely off. Bill Plaschke of the Los Angeles Times thought that Antonio Davis was wrong to go into the stands when he believed his wife was in physical trouble. How can any man say that they would stand aside and watch their loved ones when they thought they were in trouble is beyond me. Davis did not go up with malice and just went up to make sure everything was ok, no harm, no foul but some people just can't see that some things are more important than following rules.

Anna Benson is leaving NY, sorry Neil H. Husband Kris has been traded to the Orioles for Jorge Julio and John Maine, but no disrespect to those guys but in this thin FA SP market, is that all they could get for the former #1 overall pick? Think the Mets got fleeced on that deal but it gives them payroll flexibility to go after another player, Manny anyone?

Why do some people think that Bengie Molina is a serious option for the New York Yankees? Bengie is an overrated catcher coming off a career year, his defense is said by many to be well above-average but I've yet to see it and offensively he had worse #'s than Jorge in 2005 despite the Yankees man having a down year and Bengie having by far the best in his career. Get behind Jorge, one of the most undervalued members of the dynasty run.

News out of Hollywood suggests that George Clooney and Teri Hatcher are getting serious. Teri Hatcher is quite simply gorgeous and right up there on my 'If only' list, alas looks like George may of beaten me to it, I'll just console myself with the fact that she's never met me so therefore has never turned me down. If she had met me, I'm sure things would be, erm, different, yes that's right, different, I'm sure of it...

Cuba have been allowed to compete in the World Baseball Classic, finally a sane move by the US Govt. This tournament needed Cuba otherwise the winners would not of been able to say that they were the World's best, it could've been just like that horrible BCS.

I have gone and got myself a NYY replica jersey finally. I wanted #42 on the back but over here to get one is rather costly so eBay is the way to go and obviously not many are sold over here in the UK. So you have to take what you can get but luckily #25 was there and I'm a big fan of Jason's so I'll be more than happy to wear his number.

We have a result in Denver - Broncos 17-34 Steelers

Just because I made him look a bit stupid earlier...

Neil H: I think Steelers by 7+
Neil M: nah I have it by less than a score but Steelers too

As for that game, we finally saw the real Jake Plummer. Two Interceptions and two fumbles in the biggest game in his life. He made a number of poor throws as well and several bad decisions. It was a tale of two very different QB's, one stunk and the other has led his team to Detroit. I always said that Plummer wasn't the real deal and I was right, makes a change!

Neil H informs me that FOX are going with the 'Sexiest man in NFL' award during their pre-game coverage of the second big match of the night, luckily I don't have the pre-game but I'm told Bret Favre won it. Now don't get me wrong, I love Favre but I always thought women found winners attractive, and losers, you know, well, less than second best. It is the losers that are scrambling around the bar at last orders looking for a pash or more, the winners are already making out with fit young ladies in the back seat of their Ford Mustang. Big Ben has a nice manly beard and is in the SB, surely he's better than Mr. 'I'm sitting at home with my feet up and I could've been doing this since November and it wouldn't of mattered' Favre, surely? If women liked losers then my diary really shouldn’t be empty…

Lastly for this week, we got the first episode of the new series of American Idol over here this morning and I just want to say - Simon Cowell is the man.

And on that bombshell, I am out - Go Panthers!

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At 11:49 pm, Blogger Neil H said...

In my defense, the Steelers got sloppy for a while...

And really, really, in my defense, there were no tears in this house with the departure of Anna B. At some point someone will explain why someone, whose chief claim to fame was the threat to sleep with teh entire 25 man Mets roster should Mr B ever stray, gets the lead coverage in the Benson's own press conference to discuss his trade?

At 12:32 am, Blogger Neil M said...

But c'mon, she's hot! Surely the more hot women in the city the better? Oh wait you're married...well I want her there when I visit so its more like Sorry Neil M...

At 1:36 am, Blogger Henry "Conductor" Gomez said...

Please read my post about the World Baseball classic at


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