Saturday, January 21, 2006

Critical journalism at its best...

Well if my pin-striped fellow author is allowed to write about Theo's return, I can comment on this absolutely awful piece of "journalism" written in the name of buttering up Joe Torre - presumably so that Bob can get improved access to Joe throughout the year?

Let's look at the evidence shall we... Steinbrenner and Joe fall out every season when Joe doesn't deliver the big prize... every year Joe and Geroge have a big sit down chat where the "air" is cleared... George promises not to interfere ever again... Joe says that he knew George always respected him... - and you wouldn't mind, but Bob Klapisch wrote all of those other articles himself - here, here and here (and please, just to amuse me, just take special note of the dates on these "different" articles).

Is it just me, or are George and Joe like two kids the night after the prom where George had a few too many beers, made out with Joe's best friend, but still tried to get to second base on the way home... but the morning after, Joe still loves George, George still loves Joe and they kiss and make up... until next year...

I appreciate that the media are enjoying the disasterous (TM) off-season that the Sox are having, but Klapisch goes one step further and says that the 'stability' in the Yankees clubhouse was a big sales factor for Damon (that name again), and that in his list of 5 managerial names who are on the hot-seat for 2006... Terry Francona is in there at #5!

Why can they not hold off for some evidence before they write such idiotic rubbish?

Cashman / Torre are one series sweep from the Rays away from a George 'Rant' (I hope all readers fondly remember the "When the Going Get Tough" incident at Yankee Stadium - what kind of human being uses Billy Ocean as a motivational message... unless of course the message was, 'play that badly again, and I am moving on to The Thompson Twins'... I apologize, that man is a genius), followed quickly by a Torre 'managing here isn't the fun it used to be', followed by a leaked story to the NY Post where the "Tampa" crowd state that they are seriously considering a trade for insert aged pitcher name here for insert every prospect in the systems name here?

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