Saturday, January 28, 2006

Pedro weighs in on A-Rod debate

I've never liked Pedro. I won't deny it as it is true so any chance I get to have a go I'll take but this time I genuinely have a problem with his comments. Whilst talking to local media and reported in Newsday, the New York Mets pitcher has said how disappointed he is that A-Rod has chosen to represent the USA in the World Baseball Classic, so far I've not got a problem, but to say, "Now Alex must prepare for the nasty comments that will arise in the Bronx, where almost half of the citizens are Latino and purely Dominican. In fact, when Alex gets [to the Dominican Republic] it's possible that not even the reporters will be here to welcome him." I think is seriously off.

We all know that A-Rod has changed his mind on several occasions and serious wrestled with the decision of whom, if anyone to represent in the tournament. Pedro's comments are certainly implying that the Dominican people will think ill will of the Yankees third baseman because his decision to represent his country of birth and upbringing instead of that of his heritage.

I have stated on several occasions that it is an honour to represent your country, over here in Europe playing for your country is a big deal in several team sports, Rugby, Football and here in England, Cricket are all huge team sports that are played regularly on the international level. Many players can represent two or even more nations and it is very rare for anyone to be hated on for choosing one country over the other to play for.

I know I sound like a broken record and whilst we all know A-Rod is quite often his own worst enemy, this story needs to go away and A-Rod should be left alone to play baseball, this story has been exhausted.

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