Sunday, July 30, 2006

The all-purpose trade rumor post - and a post-deal update

From my Sunday morning reading it seems that the Yankees are interested in these guys, and some of these guys, while the Red Sox are definitely interested in trading him, and are looking to get him in return.

Seriously, you can get useful MLB wide trade rumor updates here, and here, but it does seem that it is that time of year when a baseball reporter can scribe anything with no verification in the hope that one, just one, might stick that makes them look like a genius - after all who looks back to see who wrote the most rubbish?


Updated 4.45pm

OK, so a few hours later, the Yankees make a big move - Abreu (although that link might break sometime soon) and Lidle for four prospects - shortstop C.J. Henry, 20, left-handed reliever Matt Smith, 27, catcher Jesus Sanchez, 18, and right-handed pitcher Carlos Monastrios, 20, or more realistically, Abreu and Lidle for serious cash savings for the Phillies. None of the prospects traded cracked the top 5 list in John Sickels pre-season ranking of the Yankees system, and given that none cracked the crucial 7 - 20 spots either I think we can see the Phillies motive.

While this doesn't change the face of the AL East the way it would have 18 months ago, this is a major pick up for the Yankees, and having another left handed bat in the lineup, taking field time (if not AB's) away from Bernie has to help this team, while the pick-up of Lidle presumably means the end of Ponson and / or Chacon's time in pinstripes.

As I said to Neil M online - I don't think this changes the motive for the Red Sox - I think they needed an upgrade in the rotation before the deal, they need an upgrade in the rotation after the deal, but given the apparent lack of quality available at SP, I really wouldn't be surprised to see the Sox making nothing other than a minor bullpen move if they can't get the quality they are looking for - despite the lurid tales of 3 and 4 team trades that Stark and Olney are whispering about on ESPN.

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