Tuesday, September 05, 2006

A feel good win

It seems a while since we last had one of these - 2-1 down going into the bottom of the 9th, and having 1/2 of the most feared 3/4 punch in baseball back in the lineup paid dividends (and yes I am going for the most fractions in a blog world record... keep counting).

In the bottom of the 9th Manny walked, went to second as Trot grounded out on a 3/2 pitch (ok I admit it, I am making up fractions now), then came home easily as Mike Lowell knocked out his 40th double of the season, levelling the game at 2.

Then in the bottom of the 10th, Carlos Pena, (insert whichever reference to local you think the papers will overuse tomorrow morning here (Haverhill is the early winner)) hit a shot to deep right - or at least deep enough right in these parts - to get the walk off treatment, with helmet in place - as Neil M said, that was a pretty enthusiastic celebration at home plate for a team that is 8 1/2 out - but given all that has happened to this team over the last month, and given the contribution of a (insert that same local reference here) new guy, I think it was an understandable release - besides if V'Tek and Tavarez still believe that the Sox are still in the W/C hunt (as mentioned by V'Tek in his in game interview spot), who am I to doubt?

And so on to the real hero of the game - Julian Tavarez - what an outing! Despite the eventual outcome, I still think that Francona left him in too long. If Tavarez had given us 5 scoreless innings it would have been heroic, 6 was way more than we should have reasonably prayed for.

During the game, the Rem-Dawg said he didn't have a problem with Tavarez being left in there as he had cruised through 6, but given he hasn't been stretched out like this in 4 years, the quick drop off as he tired is exactly what Francona should have expected - I always prefer letting a reliever have a clean start when a situation allows for it, and this game allowed for it. Regardless - a fantastic outing from a guy who hasn't really performed as would have been hoped, and given the reports are now saying that Schilling will miss his next start as well, a much needed boost.

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