Monday, August 22, 2005

Sox season so far - the 120 game edition

Well 15-5 in any 20 game set will help - the Sox put together nice 7 and 6 game winning streaks in that stretch. With 40 games to go, the Sox are 4 games up on the Yankees, and with 25 games left at home (if the White Sox game is ever made up), they really have to be considered favorites for the AL East at this point - though I will feel a lot more confident saying that if we are 4 ahead with say... 3 games to go!

The big news this last weekend is that Curt is making his long awaited return to the starting rotation. Curt looked fantastic in our win on Friday, and if that is the Curt we get, even if only for 5 innings on Thursday, we will be fine. If however, we get today's Curt, then it might be a fun outing - and one that I will get to witness, as I will make my first outing to Kansas City, Missouri (and if anyone wants to explain why Kansas City is not in Kansas, the comments section is open and waiting) - look out for photos on Friday.

The thinking seems to be that the Sox will promote Craig Hansen as early as Tuesday - presumably to fill a K-Rod type, set-up, role, with Remlinger or Di Nardo the victim. I would presume that Papelbon will get one more start, as Wells is likely to start his suspension after his start on Tuesday, then move to the pen, and that whoever survives the cut to make room for Hansen will go whenever Foulke returns - Foulke seems confident that he will be in the pen prior to the September 1st date for the expanded rosters.

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